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Tenant.Net Logo

The Online Resource for Residential Tenants. Focuses on New York City and New York State. Information from other areas is also available.

Met Council Logo

Metropolitan Council on Housing ("Met Council") is a city-wide membership tenant organization. Met Council's monthly newspaper Tenant/Inquilino, covers a broad array of topics of interest to tenants.

Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition Logo


Advocate for legislation preserving affordable housing, Lobby and present our issues to elected officials, Free analysis of financial data submitted by landlords to supervisory agencies, Represent developments at hearings with HUD, DHCR or HPD, Educate residents regarding their rights and responsibilities, Organize tenants/residents to establish or strengthen their tenant associations, Publish information affecting Mitchell-Lama residents via our newsletter.

Housing Here & Now Logo

Demand that our elected City leaders guarantee housing for ALL new Yorkers.

Saving Mitchell-Lama Logo

Asian Americans for Equality

Established in 1974, Asian Americans for Equality, Inc. (AAFE) is a community based, not-for-profit organization committed to community service and empowerment targeting immigrants, low-income families and minorities throughout New York City.

Tenants and Neighbors

Tenants & Neighbors is a 29-year old organization of tenants, tenant associations, and other organizations that fight for tenants' rights and affordable housing for all people. We work in rent controlled, rent stabilized, Mitchell-Lama, federal Section 8, and public housing throughout the state. Our power and effectiveness comes from over 18,000 members.

The Gotham Gazette

Gotham Gazette is a web site about New York City. Our publication has received local accolades and national recognition for the quality of its journalism and its usefulness as a reference work. (For details, see What They're Saying About Us)

Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants

Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants (LMLT) is a non-profit, voluntary union of tenants who work together to protect safe housing in live/work spaces (ie: lofts). Established in 1978, LMLT's original terrain was lower Manhattan, SoHo, and TriBeCa; today it is a coalition including Chelsea Loft Dwellers and Brooklyn Loft Tenants that serves nearly all loft residents in three boroughs of New York City.

Independence Plaza North Tenants Association

Nearly four years of organizing, of endless meetings, negotiations, rallies, fundraising, protests, leafleting, cheerleading, strategizing — well, they’ve finally paid off.  All current tenants in good standing at Independence Plaza North will now be protected from the threat of market-rent evictions.

The Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

The Two Bridges Neighborhood Council was established in the 1950's as a civic organization. It was specifically founded to address emerging racial tensions resulting from Black and Hispanic populations settling into the Lower East Side neighborhoods that lie between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. These neighborhoods, at the time, were comprised mainly of white-ethnic national groups. Working along with churches, settlement houses and a group of racially-integrated, visionary leaders from the community, the Council served as a forum and catalyst for resolving racial conflicts. TBNC now seeks to change its mission through a more individualized approach to community development programs that (i) are meant to sustain the current stock of affordable housing it helped to build, (ii) strengthen families and community bonds, and (iii) initiate programs meant to enhance the waterfront for the use and enjoyment of the local community.

Hamilton Madison House

Since its establishment in 1898, Hamilton-Madison House has been a part of the settlement house movement in New York City that has pioneered the development and protection of humane policies and programs. These efforts have fostered social well-being among our most vulnerable populations: children, the elderly, the ill, handicapped, new immigrants, refugees and the unemployed. Our unique professional experience in working with Asian Americans has led to the expansion of service citywide.

Community Board 3

Community Boards are the most local form of government in New York City. The Board is made up of committees and task forces that meet throught the month. There is a full board meeting every month where motions and votes made and taken at Committee Meetings are voted on by the Full Board. Community Board 3 covers the Lower East Side, including neighborhoods now known as The East Village, Chinatown, Cooper Square, Alphabet City, Two Bridges. The boundaries of the district are 14th Street on the North, the East side of 4th Avenue and The Bowery on the West, the East River on the East and the South.

Settlement Housing Fund

Settlement Housing Fund (SHF), a nonprofit housing development corporation, was established in 1969 to increase the supply of decent housing for low and moderate income New Yorkers. Settlement Housing Fund sponsors, develops, and owns apartment complexes throughout New York City. We also provide technical assistance and form ventures with other organizations. We sponsor condominium, cooperative and home ownership developments as well as rental housing.